Skip initial efforts about design, development, and deployment

saaslit is a beginner friendly web application template

that integrates UI kit with a backend framework.

Beautiful by default

Using existing, active, open-source, battle-tested UI kit. Pre-designed sections, full JS library of frontend components.

  • Full design system already here
  • Plain old Tailwind sections you can customize
  • Battle-tested library of vanillaJS components
admin backend image
admin backend image

Authentication flow you own

Authentication and authorization are already fully coded for you. They are already secured and tested.

  • Sign up/sign in/log out flow
  • Secured password digest in database
  • "Remember me" and "verified user" features

Get working admin dashboard

Responsive admin dashboard based on role of the user. It's ready to use and easy to customize - just duplicate existing screens.

  • Create, Read, Update, Delete any item
  • Filter, paginate, sort, search any datatable
  • User with the admin role can launch a blog from day 1
admin backend image

How it works

Bring your next startup idea to life is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Download

  • Pick your favorite backend framework
  • Generate source code - UI kit integration included
  • Build project and launch locally with only one command

2. Modify

  • Change copywriting of static pages
  • Copy/paste blocks from the UI kit for new features
  • Implement them with confidence - take inspiration from existing features (see below)

3. Deploy

  • Follow docs - a single paragraph in the is enough
  • Skip complexity - any Heroku-like platform is enough for v1
  • We're working with next-gen platform to make things even easier.

Basics already included

Instead of re-writing all basic needs of every web application, we did it for you.

Static pages

Both UI and copywriting of static pages can be modified - of course. But you start with beautiful landing, pricing, privacy pages by default.

Authentication and Authorization

Both "auth" features are already included. You start from already secured login forms and database models.

Tests included

We included automated tests, so that you will feel secure about existing feature. Start to write test from existing examples for your new features.

Beautiful by default

By relying on already designed kit, stop clunky UI design. We pick a versatile UI Kit, that is able to tackle *any* need in a elegant way.


We crafted this default app to be as accessible as possible. Keep all your users on track from the beginning.


By default a blog is enabled, with all SEO features and automatic publishing. Grab your first users before next sunrise.

Admin dashboard

All profile settings and admin actions can be made through a well-crafted admin dashboard, thanks to the Flowbite examples.

Beginner friendly

The default template has only 3 tables in the database. We took care to make it extremely easy to read and to grab from day one.

CRUD datatables

You can Create, Read, Update or Delete any item of the database, moreover, filter, sort and pagination are included.

Email sending

It is shipped with email sending, both in development and production, which will help you to develop marketing features quickly

Easily deployable

We give you files and guidelines to deploy your app to Heroku-like platforms. Get your app live in no-time at the cheapest price.

Mature stack

Heroku, Tailwind, vanillaJS, HTMX or Turbo, we took the safest technologies, so that you know that your app will maintainable in the future.