Welcome! This is the story of saaslit.


You can drop an email here : contact at saaslit dot com

Motivation behind saaslit

  • Frameworks are fantastic to deliver features - for free
  • UI Kits like Flowbite are fanastic to deliver extensible UI design - with a generous free tier.

Instead of having framework with fantastic features (but without UI design),

and fantastic UI design kits (but without anything that actually works behind the scene),

What if we marry both?

  • We have a working authentication flow that is beautiful by default
  • We have transactional emails that already works
  • We have beautiful flash messages by default
  • We have already designed, accessible form validation
  • We have secured, verified users
  • We have a full test suite by default
  • We have beautiful landing pages by default
  • We have beautiful static pages (pricing, privacy, etc) by default
  • We have tons of CSS components, blocks and pages ready to be integrated with our own custom feature

Made for beginners

The first steps of a new web project are absolutely painful, even for intermediate developers. Despite the raise of no-code, and infinite frameworks possibilities, especially in the JS space, building a SaaS from scratch is still a challenge after all these years.

The goal of saaslit is to make the first steps of a new web project as easy as possible, and to provide a solid foundation for your project.

The design part is ensured by an existing open-source UI Kit - currently Flowbite, but we are looking at Preline.co too. It means that bringing a professional-looking feature alive is not a pain anymore.

The backend part is ensured by an old and well-established framework. Frameworks are here for decades, and will stay here for long - but they are still developed independently of the UI part.

The deployment part is no more a pain, since the raise of Heroku - a long time ago. We're working with build.io to make things even easier.

saaslit brings you the joy to develop every new web project that looks great, and is fully functional and tested, in a few hours.

Who made this?

David, I'm a solopreneur, developer, with passion for learning and teaching.

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