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The bare minimum files for a designed app you fully own

Django edition

Django 5.0

Python 3.12

99 €
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Rails edition

Rails 7.1.3

Ruby 3.3.0

99 €
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Laravel edition

Laravel 11

PHP 8.3

99 €
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Admin dashboard
CRUD datatables
Sort, filter, paginate datatables
Blogging with Markdown
Administrate users
Access level based on role
UI Design
Open-Source UI Kit (view notes)
Flowbite 2.3.0 free edition
Static pages (landing, pricing...)
Dark mode toggling
Accessible flash messages
Form validation
Login screen UI design
Securely stored password in DB
Forgot password feature
Sign up - log in - log out (via email/password)
Verified user (via email confirmation)
Email sending
Yes, with Mailtrap
Email sandboxing
Yes, Mailtrap (again)
Unit testing
Local testing suite
Run on GitHub CI
Heroku-like platform
Docs and files provided
Next-gen deployment
Coming soon!
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