Frequently asked questions

What is Saaslit?

Saaslit is a minimalist, UI-design centric web application, that can serve as starting point for your next startup idea. Instead of starting from a blank page, you have basics like authentication, dashboard, tests, and so on, already written.

What are the requirements?

You have to know the programming language (for example, you have to know and practice Ruby for the Rails version).

That being said, it's ok if you are a beginner in that language.

If you are entirely new to development, saaslit is (not yet!) for you, because it is not a no-code tool.

What do you mean by "UI-design centric"?

As a developer, you don't want to spend hours to look for accessible JS components, or asking yourself how to make the "about" section looks good, or compatible with other sections.

Modern tools like Flowbite and Preline perfectly tackle this problem, so instead of reinventing the wheel, we integrated the free parts of Flowbite for you.

Isn't Flowbite a 3rd-party dependency?

Actually Flowbite is just plain old Tailwind, so you're not really "locked" into an external dependency.

You can of course buy their full package, then you have access to more components, which sounds fair!

I want to build more than one project. Is that allowed?

You can use Saaslit for an unlimited amount of projects, whether it's a personal website, a SaaS app, or a website for a client. As long as you don't build a product that will directly compete with Saaslit either as a UI kit, theme, or template, it's fine.

Find out more information by reading the license.

Do you include updates?

Saaslit will be regularly updated, because backend and frontend tools evolves fast. However one license is for one version only, so once downloaded you will be responsible of these updates.

The other option is to buy a new license for the updated version, which is a good way to support the project and get the latest features.

What do you mean by "minimalist"?

We don't want the starter kit to include tons of fancy features. Because core features already involves a decent amount of automated tests, and LOC to read and understand.

We want the developer to understand what's going on under the hood, so things like datatables and authentication are fully coded, and do not rely on plugins or 3rd party tools.

Therefore, the only docs you need is the and the code itself.

Ok, I'm buying saaslit. What will be the first steps?

Follow the README to ensure that you have the correct prerequisites installed on your machine.

Launch the test suite to ensure that everything is running properly

Populate the .env file as stated per the README

Launch the app locally, and start to modify copywriting, at least for static pages (landing page, pricing page, privacy policy, etc)

Now you are ready to deploy the v1 of your startup. Connect your app to Heroku (or equivalent like, populate environment variable, and deploy your app for real.

Can I use Saaslit in open-source projects?

Yes, it's possible to use Saaslit in a open-source project.

Find out more information by reading the license.