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How to disable Turbo on specific links with Rails

Turbo is precisely made to speed up page transition, but sometimes it's better to have a slower page transition - that works.

Regular link with Ruby-on-Rails

Inside the views (by default, ERB template) you can write either :

<a href="/">Home</a>


<%= link_to "Home", root_path %>

Be aware that by default, Turbo is enabled, which means the home page (on the example) will not fully loaded : only elements of the body that are not the same than the current page will be replaced.

Disable Turbo on a link

If this behaviour cause a bug, it's ok to sacrifice speed for stability. Just write :

<a href="/" data-turbo="false">Home</a>


<%= link_to "Home", root_path, data: {turbo: false} %>


Don't stress to much about Hotwire/Turbo. Quick hack is perfect if you need to deliver fast.

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