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Get rid of Rails Failed to allocate memory

This bug is really tricky, so here is my journey solving it. Maybe this will help other not to be too impatient :)

Failed to allocate memory (No MemoryError)

I had this problem quite randomly, when I was booting a new Rails 7 application from a template.

Despite removing / recreating the project from scratch, I still go this error from Bootsnap

bootsnap - Failed to allocate memory (No MemoryError)

How to reproduce this error

You can't. There is a opened issue on GitHub about this.

Don't do things like I did

Don't be impatient like me. Here is what I did :

  • Reboot my machine (didn't solve the problem)
  • Upgrade the OS (didn't solve the problem, but at least my OS was up-to-date)
  • Reinstalled rbenv (still had the bug)

What I should have done

I should have checked earlier that the problem was specific to the project. I mistakenly thought it was not the case after reinitializing everything.

Error doesn't come from what we don't know. It often comes from what we mistakenly admitted as true.

I should have tried to reproduce the bug on another unlinked project.

I should have read one more time how to get un-stuck

Solution to (No MemoryError) error

I ended up by removing the tmp folder of the project, which worked. Now this bug may still occurs from time to time, but I know how to correct it.

I plan now to remove bootsnap from my default template. 😬


It was that weird bug that you don't want to encounter, and that makes this job sometimes difficult - but how enjoyable once corrected.

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