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How to install Laravel 11 on Linux

Laravel 11 is the new version of Laravel - at the time of writing. Let's see how to install it on a Ubuntu-based machine.


By default, Laravel v11 tries to connect to a sqlite database, so ensure it is properly installed with

sudo apt update
sudo apt install sqlite3 
sqlite3 --version

Add default adapter for PHP

sudo apt install php-sqlite3

And default php driver with

sudo apt-get install php-pgsql

Install PHP8.3

Laravel 11 requires PHP 8.2 or 8.3, so let's install the latest version

It should work the same way if you installed MySql and not PostGre

1. Run system updates

sudo apt update && apt upgrade -y

2. Add Ondrej repository

The current maintainer of PHP is Ondrej Sury. It sounds odds that the package of such a language doesn't belong to an organisation, but here you can add it safely :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/php

Update all repositories once again with

sudo apt update

3. Add dependencies

Laravel will be buggy if you don't install PHP base modules

sudo apt-get install -y php8.3-cli php8.3-sqlite3 php8.3-common php8.3-fpm php8.3-zip php8.3-gd php8.3-mbstring php8.3-curl php8.3-xml php8.3-bcmath

Now check PHP version with

php --version
# PHP 8.3.4

Install composer

composer is a tool to build new laravel application.

Follow first paragraph of getcomposer

Ensure it is properly working on your machine by typing

composer  --version
# Composer version 2.7.2 2024-03-11 17:12:18

Create a default Laravel 11 application

composer create-project laravel/laravel=11 MyApp

Installation will last a few second, it should end up with migrations, like this

# long previous logs...

   INFO  Running migrations.  

  0001_01_01_000000_create_users_table .......................... 31.91ms DONE
  0001_01_01_000001_create_cache_table .......................... 18.81ms DONE
  0001_01_01_000002_create_jobs_table ........................... 24.48ms DONE

Run the application

cd MyApp
php artisan serve

Open browser at, and ta-da!

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